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    Default Just Got a Lawyer to Represent My Petty Theft Case

    Ok guys I decided to do this to inform the people who might feel lost and confused. I was arrested and charged in Macy of Florida for taking 2 small items worth less than 50 dollars they told me I would be getting the Court appereance and I got it last week; my arraingment (which is the first court appereance) is next week.
    Here the thing I went and spoke to a lawyer and he explained that at least in Florida I needed to get my charges dropped and he was going to fight for it he used to be a prosecuter so i guess he knows some of the tricks. My case is a second degress misdemanor "since it was under 100" dollars anything (over 100 is a 1st degree misdemeanor. at least in Florida)
    He said that you can not plead guilty other wise you are screwed and you probably will not be able to exponge it. Im only 21 years old so maybe I can get a diversion program which he said would be the back up offer. the first thing he would try to do is to fight to drop the charges hopefully without provation or maybe without community service. macy does not have a video of me putting the items in my pockets becuase I was in the fitting room and just assumed that since I walked out of the fitting room without the item in my hand that I had in my pocket and that was the case. He charged me a 1000 dollars that includes everything expect court fees. He said that i do not have to show up to court on some occasions but there might be one time I will probably have to go he told me he would let me know.
    So if you guys want to preserve your record pleading guilty is not the way. You could try to get a deal like by doing probation and community service they could drop the charges but guys going alone to court can be tough and intimidating and Im a Nursing student and can not afford to have this in my record so that's why I hired help. I hope I helped some of you.

    Sorry for the spelling guys, I was in a hurry. lol I'll keep you updated on the case so you guys can know how to fix your issues as well!

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    Default Re: Just Got a Lawyer to Represent My Petty Theft Case

    Smart decsion,ppl just plead guilty and get a slight fine and a litte probation no big deal.Then they forget they will be stuck w. a record and a lawyer knows the law and local da's,etc.They can make a world of difference,the money spend on them is an investment in your future. One of the 2 important things to remmber when getting arrested is not saying anything and then hiring a lawyer.

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