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    Default Juvenile Record Disclosed in Background Check

    My question involves a background check in the State of: Florida

    When I was 17 I was "arrested" for petty theft. I completed a community service program and was told by my officer that the case was sealed and I would never have to say that I was "convicted" of a crime. He also said that because I was a minor at the time of the arrest I could also answer no to having been arrested for some sort of juvenile record policy.

    I had an incident with the Canadian policy last summer and when I answered no to having been involved with the law in the past they were able to pull up information on my juvenile record. I am confused as to why they were if that case was sealed.

    I was recently told that I have to have a background check through my job as I will be dealing with money. I want to know if this juvenile record will show up on that kind of background check.

    Where the Canadian policy able to see the juvenile stuff because they are the police or was I misinformed and my juvenile record really is public knowledge and it will appear in the background check?

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    Default Re: Juvenile Record Disclosed in Background Check

    What will show in any given background check, regardless of who conducts it, depends on how thorough a check is run.

    But you'd be foolish to believe that a law enforcement agency would not be able to see everything there is.

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