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    Smile Transferring SSI and Medicaid Benefits to Another State

    I presently live in the state of Pennsylvania and is collecting SSI due to an almost tragic automobile accident , I would like to move to Tennessee as soon as possible and would like to know if my SSI benefits would transfer to Tenn. as well. Also, I get health insurance through the state and due to the type of meds I am on, my meds cannot be interrupted. Will I receive the same amount of health insurance in Tenn? Presently my copay is $1-$2 and everything else is picked up from the State. And Last: how much time should I notify SSI and the state before I move?

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    Default Re: Transferring SSI and Medicaid Benefits to Another State

    Talk to the Social Security Office where you would be moving about your plans.

    You can find out about some Tennessee health insurance programs here. You can try contacting Tennessee Human Services about other options that might be available.

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