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    Default Repair Charge for Accidentally Cutting a Phone Line

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Utah
    I'm being charged for a phone line cut on my property. I am responsible for the cut. Before I agreed to the repair I asked about the cost of fixing the line. I originally had the line installed 2 years ago in my newly constructed home. I was told the repair would be at no cost to me. A week later, on May 19th, I got a bill from CMR Claims represtenting Qwest in a bill for $523. When I contact Qwest they tell me the same thing, I shouldn't have to pay to repair an accidental cut but I'll have to resolve the issue with CMR. CMR tells me that since I cut the line Qwest has the right to repair it with or without my concent. $273 dollars of the bill is itemized for a contractor to burying the repaired line. I contacted the contractor and was told they only charge $210 and they hadn't even billed Qwest by the 19th of May. I have two question. First, does Qwest really have to leagal right to repair a line to my home even if I don't want their service anymore? And second, can their claims company CMR bill me more than the actual cost of the repair?

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    Default Re: Repair Charge for Accidentally Cutting a Phone Line

    Are you stating that you cut the phone line, called for repair, agreed to the repair based upon an erroneous statement that it would be free, got a bill, and then canceled your account to try to get out of paying the bill? Your cancellation of your account doesn't undo the fact that work was performed.

    Whenever I've had people do service like this, I have been given a document to sign describing the work performed and what it will cost. What does the document you signed say about cost?

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