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    Default Disestablishing Paternity

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: New York

    I have a 5 month old baby out of wedlock. For the past month I'm having serious doubts about the "father" on her birth certificate who I thought to be her father, actually being her father. I am pretty positive he is not but he does not know. He is involved in her life and sees her every week. My ex, the biological father lives in a completely different country. For personal and safety reasons, I want nothing to do with the real father. As bad of a person I may seem in this forum, please put all judgment aside. How do I go about removing this man from the birth certificate?

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    Default Re: Big Mess - Paternity Issue

    How do I go about removing this man from the birth certificate?
    He would have to contest the paternity through the courts and ask for a DNA test to disestablish paternity.
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    Default Re: Big Mess - Paternity Issue

    Here's information (PDF) on disestablishing paternity in New York.

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