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    Unhappy My Family and My Life Are at Stake

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Michigan
    Regarding : Wrongful Incarceration/Police Brutality

    I Hope theirs a lawyer or something on here willing to help me......I am looking at 2-5years in prison for something i didnt do....lets go back-let me take my anxiety meds before we go on this story still shakes me up-Last valentines day i was out for a FEW bud lights 6 in 6 hours to be exact including 2 shots so by all means i wasnt drunk....a friend calls another friend that i havent seen in years and wants to hang out hes only a few blocks down and i have a designated driver to pick him up it was roughly we go down a side street where there is no street lights,not a busy road,and surely no residential (no witnesses i presume) well i never got my wedding ring sized so it fell off and i went lookin for it next thing you know flahing lights....well im not worried at this not doin anything wrong...the officers approach the car and tells everyone hands up opens the backseat drivers door(where i was sitting but on the passenger side) and tells me "GET OUT!" only words i say to the officer is "yes sir" and start nudging my way over to the door...I am then violently stripped from the car beggining with a knee to the mouth and thrown on the gorund to where they can kick or bludgeon me i was covering my head so i wasnt trying to see what they were doing...immediately they call for backup who arrives about 5 seconds later... these 2 "officers" run up(i am cuffed now) and stick a tazer in my throat and in my spine while the other two savages stomp on my right side of my face,ribs,leg,and arm...(the left side of my body was facing the vehicle) and i tucked my face toward the car as it was the only protection i had with my hands being cuffed...well the beating continues for a good 2 minitues as my two witnesses still in the car recall...after the beating im face first in a pool of blood with a fractured nose so i lift my head for a gasp of air only to be kicked in the back of the head and receive a rug/concrete burn across the side of my face..the officers drag me to the other side of the street by my cuffs and lay me down and just steps on me.I told him i had gallbladder problems so he decided to step and put as much pressure as possible on my gallbladder and ask "how does it feel now" The whole car ride their i keep askin "whyd yall beat me up?whyd yall beat me up?I was just lookin for my wedding ring!" they told me to "shut the **** up" so i did...appon hitting the station they rip my ear ring from my head strip me of my wallet and cigs and FINALLY find out a positive ID on me....i have a bench warrant for violation of probation =/ im then thrown in a cell and stripped of my socks and shirt also and am givin no blanket or food or toilet paper.....all the other inmates received these....days go by i keep askin what im in their for and hey wont tell me except "youll find out when you get to court" i can hardly move my right leg my ribs are battered as is my arm...their are now scars from the tazers on my throat and spine and a huge scar on my right cheek my right side of my face is swollen..they had also made contact with my temple right where my ear and jaw line up so i can not chew for days...when i finally reach court i find I AM BEING CHARGED WITH FELONY ASSAULT ON 2 POLICE OFFICERS! my jaw dropped knowing i had done nothing wrong....well this case has been adjourned by my lawyer twice but my doomsday date is in 20 days....i have two witnesses which i was told i COULD NOT bring into the court...they gave me a plea bargain admit to one assault and well give you a 6 month misdemeanor or plea not guilty and serve a 2-5 year felony charge for both of thinking that their just using that not guilty plea because they have no case but the not guilty plea is like rollin dice...but, at the same time admitting to something i didnt do seems so wrong in itself i already have a bad record as is i dont need this on their too...this whole case has cause physical damage (scars especially on my face) mental damage (i now have to see a psychiatrist for BAD anxiety problems) loss of wages , defamation of character , and worst off time away from my family....if i go to jail my family dosent have any income i support them my city their have been 3 tazerd to death incidents in the past 6 months and quite a few beating and shooting to death without probable cause by are law enforcement i dont know who to go to....if you cant trust your local pd who do you go to? my lawyer seems crooked he offers no advice,everytime he talks to the prosecutor it just gets worse,and he dodges my phone calls!please please please......i am begging for any help at all ive fallen on the worst time of my life and have nowhere to go....

    _sorry its so long but it ALL needs to be heard to avoid any questions/resolutions that i have already thought up or brought up

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    Default Re: My Family and My Life Are at Stake

    Get a different lawyer. If need be and if your story is true contact the ACLU. If your story is completely true then a lawyer would be taking this case on contingency with a following law suit against the police and the department.

    As for your case at hand. Take it to trial, plea not guilty. Get a good lawyer.

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    Default Re: My Family and My Life Are at Stake

    Only problem with that is that i am very very broke i could hardly cough up the 1grand for this lawyer im afraid of the whole court system now because of the fact that i have just now realized that they are all in this together.....and i have been in trouble before for stuff that i really did do and i ALWAYS pleaded guilty for the sake that i will not tell a lie and the only way to learn is the hard way....but the thing that trips me out about this is i KNOW i didnt do it and i have 2 witnesses that know i didnt also.....also i contacted the ACLU today hopefully it helps thanks for the the way what do you think about the services of lee free and sam bernstein and whatnot for law suits?

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    You need to work whatever out with a good attorney if at all possible! A $1000 is not a lot of money AND you have a prior record. You can expect that a decent attorney is $5000 for this type of case. Remember that it's the officers' word against yours. Officers lie all the time and it is completely legal for them to do so outside of the courtroom. Occasionally this gets brought in the courtroom. In the case of brutality there is a difference between an officer defending themselves and kicking the crap out of someone. There are also escalation of force questions that attorneys will ask (pepper spray use, logs for taser user, etc). I know an officer that likes to beat people up and has refused a dash cam several times because he does not want "mic'd up".

    Get a good attorney and make payments. Many good attorneys accept payments and will delay the trial until they are paid in full within x amount of time.

    You really need to break apart your paragraphs so that they have a flow and they are easier to read.

    I did not see a mention of pictures being taken or going to the hospital listed in your run-on paragraph. I certainly hope that you went to the hospital and that someone got pictures. What was the reason that witnesses were not allowed in court? If you are not allowed to bring them in to testify on your behalf they can at least be brought in to rebut the officers' testimony. A good attorney will know the requirements needed to do this even if they are not on the witness list.

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    Default Re: My Family and My Life Are at Stake

    The problem with that was I asked if my wife could come in and take pictures I was told no.I then was bonded out but picked up on another warrant.It was about a month later when I got out and we took some close up pictures.By then they are just scars on my face throat and spine now.BUT!According to my lawyer my booking picture was horrifying.Which works in my favor.

    from the top and shortened.

    Wedding Ring falls off and I go down to look for it.
    Flashing lights behind us I immediately sit up and we pull over.
    LEO comes up to the car with a flashlight telling everybody hands up.
    My hands go up.
    He opens the drivers side back door.
    Im sitting passenger backseat.
    He tells me to get out.
    I say yes sir and with my hands still up scoot my ass over to him.
    Im ripped out the car thrown on the ground and being beaten for about 10 seconds.
    Im trying to cover my face but they cuff me and request for back up.
    They continue to beat me.
    Backup arrives seconds later.
    The backup LEOs taze me in the throat and the spine while the other officers continue to beat me.
    The entire time I stay compliant and the only movements I make is my head to face away from what was hitting me.
    I say nothing.Im shaken up.I have no clue what is going on.
    I at first think they must of thought I was somebody else.
    They drag me to the other side of the street where the backup LEOs car is parked.
    They step on my gallbladder.
    Throw me in the back of the squad car.
    Where I begin to ask repeatedly why I had just had my ass kicked and that I was just trying to find my wedding ring.
    Then im taken to the station placed in a holding cell.
    Face first cuffed and told not to move.
    I dont.
    Hours later the officers pull me off the ground.
    Im Stripped of my possessions and a booking picture is taken.
    Until then they finally get a look at my license to find out who I am and get a positive ID on me.

    As for the even "IF" I had bitten him there is grounds for an unlawful arrest. 1.Officer not getting a positive ID on me 2.If i was being a victim or thought I was about to be a victim of an unlawful arrest would have given me the right to defend myself.Unfortunately I didnt and am still being charged as if i had.

    Heres what my lawyer had to say the only time I ever got a chance to speak with him.This was the day I got my court date adjourned for "Discovery Purposes".
    He tells me if I plea guilty to one account he can get me a 6 month misdemeanor or MAYBE probation.OR.I plea not guilty and they attempt to charge me with 2-5 year felony and I also pay my attorney another 5000$.

    I asked him about the cameras on the cars he said he would check into it.When he came out he claimed the cars had no tapes of the incident.

    He also said that he didnt really get it adjourned for discovery purposes his tactic was to "Let everything boil down.Let somebody else become public enemy number one.Everything will be fine." Well on his side of the world everything will be fine because he or his friend Mr.Prosecutor will get paid either way.

    This is what Dave(the guy who grew up with my lawyer)tells me."Hes a good lawyer.He knows people.Hes got alot of friends in those court rooms."
    My lawyer at one point "You couldnt have picked a better city to get in trouble in.Ive got some pull around here."
    Now get this.I sat as close to the prosecutors office as possible so I could hear what was going on in there.My lawyer is on the phone and you hear the prosecutor yell out "Tell Susan I said HI!"
    This worries me that they are this good of friends.
    It could be a good thing or bad thing for me.Its lookin to be a BAD thing.

    Another crucial piece of information that I left out. Straight from my lawyers mouth. "They said you looked like you were trying to hide from them.Thats why they pulled you over.Their claiming that you bit one officer and pushed another one.Now look I know you didnt do it.I seen your booking picture and it made me sick."

    This is why I have been trying to contact him from the very start about receiving a copy of my Discovery Packet,Investigative Report,and Police Report.Because as of right now.I have no clue what they are claiming I did.
    I have no clue if this man has bite marks on him.
    I have no clue if they even have it recorded that I had been drinking because I highly doubt it was noticeable besides maybe on my breath.
    Even then I was never given a breathalyzer so I doubt its in the report.
    Like I said before its possible that my teeth may have clenched on his fist or knee.
    But if that is where the bite marks are located how could that be assault.As that is just what happens when your hit in the jaw.
    If the bite marks are anywhere else I would want a Dental mold to compare the bite to.
    Because I know I didnt and wouldnt do something like that.
    What would possess me to jump from one side of the car to the other and bite an officer knowing I am not doing anything wrong?
    Certainly not because of a bench warrant for violation of probation.
    During a probation appointment I pleaded to just give me Jail time because I didnt have the money to pay them, and they refused.
    I violated from not paying them their monthly charge.
    So I most certainly wouldnt assault an LEO because I was afraid to go to jail before that is questioned.

    On a ending note.I would be crazy not to take the plea bargain.Especially knowing that I might only get probation.BUT,I know I was wronged.
    I know I did nothing wrong.
    My heart tells me to fight for what I believe in.
    What I know is right.
    That is why I am asking for any help on my side of the testimony.
    I know people will tend to lean toward the LEOs rather than a civilian.
    I need leverage.
    I have not decided yet whether I will take the plea bargain or not.
    I HAVE NOT plead not guilty yet. In 15 days I will have to decide though.
    If I dont feel I can hold up against their case then I will take the plea deal.
    I think.
    Something most certainly is amiss about this whole case.But its not on my side of the testimony.
    Also..I am going to look up my lawyers office and just happen to drop by today.
    Also I have that ex-Detroit cop meeting me today.He said he can help me by having me claim UCC and ?tribunal? and then taking this case to a federal or supreme court.Im not aware of what this means but hes going to explain it to me better over lunch and help me file.
    Any opinions on this?
    Im also wondering if I may get internal affairs,attorney general, and or ACLU.Involved.Ive tried contacting ACLU a few times already.
    Another question is even if i do take the plea deal.
    Can a service like lee-free or Sam Bernstein still help me to sue the city for misconduct?

    Sorry everything was so sloppy.Sorry this is so long. This is everything top to bottom and a little more neat.

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    Default Re: My Family and My Life Are at Stake

    Without hiring a different attorney, then you are not going to beat this. You have been given good advice, follow it!.

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