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    Default Is it Possible to Evict a Violent, Theiving Roomate

    State: Florida

    Is it possible to evict a roommate who has become increasingly violent and unsociable? She was my friend when we moved in but certainly not anymore. She and her boyfriend, whom is not on the lease and is basically living there, have made my living situation a nightmare. She has become violent against me, creating arguments out of thin air and quickly escalating to violence.

    Recently she stole ALL of my belongings while I was gone. I filed a police report. What's my next move? I don't want to live with her any more, and I understand I have an obligation to pay rent. Who has the power to forcibly evict her? She lacks the financial support to be able to pay rent on the place on her own. Would a judge possibly evict her over her behavior? I have evidence.

    Or, would a better option be to present my "case" so-to-speak to my landlord, who I assume has the power to evict her? I'm of course willing to substitute a more reliable roommate in her place. She is not willing to cooperate with me in any capacity.

    I'm willing to leave if it's my only option, but I don't want to be on the hook for rent because of someone else's mental/social issues. I could deal with the attitude and even the physical assaults, but the theft of my property is the last straw.

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    Default Re: Is it Possible to Evict a Violent, Theiving Roomate

    A landlord can evict a tenant. A cotenant on the lease cannot.

    If you feel that this roommate is a threat to your personal safety, look into a personal protection order.

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