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    Default Security Deposit Last Month Rent

    My question involves an eviction in the state ofMichigan
    I have given my landlord a 30 day notice. I have two quesitons. This first is can my security deposit be used for last month rent? I also found out that the apartment gives a 5% discount to people who work for my employer. I only found this out when a co-worker moved in. I was told this would be included on my next lease. Do I have any rights to have this discount payed for the last two years I lived here without discount and If I don't pay rent how long will eviction process take, if they keep security deposit. We have to move because of neighbors who have threatned tenants. Two have already moved out and managemnt says they are taking disruptive clients ot court,, but it's been several months and they are still here. We had asked for a new apartment here, but we were told we would have to put up a second deposit. I don't mind them keeping security deposit, but move in for other apartment will be aobut three weeks, We have never been late with rent if that means anything-Thanks

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    Default Re: Security Deposit Last Month Rent

    1. It is illegal in all states to use your deposit as rent without prior written permission from the landlord. Doing so could land you in court owing much more than just your, attorney fees, court costs and late fees.

    2. No, you are not entitled to a retroactive discount. You should of made the landlord/management aware of the 5% prior to signing your current lease.

    3. Your reasons for your leaving are irrelevant.

    4. Paying your rent on time is what you should be doing. No brownie points for that.

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