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    Default Getting a Class B Misdemeanor Off My Record

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    My friend decided to get me to shoplift with her. I had never in my life done this. I did not carry anything with me she had it all in her purse. When a lady asked us where our stuff was she lied and said she put it back. In that instant is where i specifically told her to put anything and EVERYTHING back. So i went off to look at shoes. Thinking she put everything back, we left the store and was caught. the camera caught us both shopping for things but i don't think they have me doing anything because i wasn't. How can i get this off my record? im 19 and have a completely clear record until this.

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    Default Re: Getting a Class B Misdemeanor Off My Record

    Get a lawyer, and see if your lawyer can work something out. If you don't qualify for something that could prevent a disposition, such as a diversion program, see if your lawyer can get you a charge reduction to a Class C misdemeanor and a deferral, so that you qualify for expungement. (Even without a charge reduction, try for a deferral - for other charges you'll eventually be able to seal your record following your successful completion of a deferred sentence.)

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