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    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Ohio
    The very first question on the means test asks for amount of people in household. I have two children and am in process of divorce. Husband has left house. All debt in my name, except house which is in both of our names. My question is do I answer on means test the amount of people in the household as 3 and only include my income since now he is out, or 4 and include his income even though I am not recieving any of it and he is not living here. Also, I understand the last 6 months income is shown as proof of income. Again, do I include the last 6 months with both incomes (since he was living here at that time) or just mine? (which is all I have at the present time) I am very confused as to how to proceed. As it stands, my income alone with a 3 person household is just about $200 over the allowed amount so I need to fill the whole test out. I just don't want to start out wrong.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    I am not a lawyer, but i have been in both cpt 13 and just got a discharge for cpt 7 but as i understand the law in CA you will have to include all income even your husbands for the last 6 months the only way you can proceed is you have to wait a month or two until the ratio falls under the means test, by that i mean divide gross income by 6, that's what i had to do, i had to wait 4 months but every case is different.

    Good Luck God Bless

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