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    Question Car Was Towed Without a Notice

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Florida

    Last year in June my car was towed from my apartment complex where I live. when I recieved the call from my neighbor at work that they were towing my car. I called the office and asked why the car had been towed, and they stated due to the tag being more than 30 days expired. The car had no flat tires or broken glass. and they told me that by the tag being more than 30 days expired, it was still considered abandonment on the property. I also asked why there was no notice or sticker placed on the vehicle. They stated, once they are in contratct with a towing company, they have the right to pick up any vehicles that are abandoned on the property without notice. The towing company stated the same. I have never heard of such a thing. And now that i have told them that I am going to pursue legal matters. They have changed towing companys and have begin to place stickers on other peoples cars. And the towing company has since then placed a 2,000 dollar collection on my credit report. Is this something I should persue????

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    Default Re: Car Was Towed Without a Notice

    What does your lease say about (a) what constitutes an abandoned vehicle and (b) when management can tow a vehicle?

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    In Florida, it doesn't matter if your car was parked in an apartment complex parking lot, or in the driveway of a private residence. If the vehicle is visible from the street (ie not in an enclosed space like a garage) and the tag is expired, it can be towed - in your case it was towed by a company contracted by the apartment complex, but it could have also been towed by your local police or code enforcement office. Lapsed tags are treated just like broken glass and flat tires because lapse means the car cannot be legally operated. No one, either the apartment complex or police or the city/county is required to give notice before towing (it's nice if they do but it's not required).

    The $2k on your credit report may be addressible. Have they given you some itemized accounting of how they arrived at this figure? Storage fees, etc? Those may be regulated at your local city or county level - make a few phone calls to city hall and your county commissioner's office and find out if limits are in place, and what those limits are.

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