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    Default Roommate Asking for Money Not Owed

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Oregon

    I moved into my current apartment last month, and quickly discovered that the living situation was unreasonable. I would be happy to provide details but I don't think it's pertinent. I went to talk to my landlord about transferring to a one-bedroom in the same complex, which she said was fine. I just need my current roommate to sign a form acknowledging my move.

    The problem I have is that my roommate is claiming that I need to give her money for next month even though I will be out of the apartment by then. I was under the impression that my legal agreement was with the landlord and myself, not between the two of us. I am happy to pay this money, but obviously I don't want to pay for anything if I don't have to.

    My second question is this: My landlord and roommate are close friends. This makes things rather awkward. My landlord said that she would sign me up for a new lease w/out a transfer fee, but does that mean I'm breaking the lease on my old apartment? I would much rather pay the extra money and keep my credit score in good standing. I am also wondering if she is changing the terms of my move in order to make me legally obligated to pay her friend. Thank you for reading!

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    Default Re: Roommate Asking for Money Not Owed

    Do you have a lease that you signed? Is it fixed term or month to month? Are you and your roommate on the same lease? How much notice are you providing before moving out to a new appartment?

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