My question involves divorce in the State of: New Mexico

I have been divorced 4 years now and an issue of debt settlement has come up. We both agreed that he would take the credit cards and I would take my student loan (which we both used the money) and that he would pay me the difference to make it 50/50. Well we did the divorce ourselves and I couldn't find a place anywhere where it would address this issue so we put it in the divorce papers that it would be alimony. He would pay me so much a month for so many years and this would eliminate what he owed me. Well I had to take him to court because he was not paying child support and the judge modified the alimony greatly reducing it. My lawyer tried to explain that it wasn't really 'alimony' but money he owed me. She would not listen... So my question is is because it is in the divorce decree as alimony can I sue him again for the money he owes me even though it is not in the divorce papers? We had a verbal agreement regarding this also so nothing is written down. Do I have a leg to stand on??? Thanks for any input