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    Question Not Biofather, But On The Birth Certificate

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: MI
    Boy meets girl (with 6 mo old baby), boy marries girl 3 years later and gives baby his last name (along with putting his name on the birth cert). Boy has been divorced from girl for over 8 years now and has had no contact with the child (pretty sure stated in divorce papers no financial responsibility, has had to pay no child support-getting a copy of those today).
    Just received bill for $$$ court fees and such for some trouble the child has gotten into and then violations of probations...and looks like there will be more coming.
    Courts say if divorce papers say I have no financial responsibility then I am ok, wondering if there is a way to further cut ties and make sure I am not associated or tried to be tied to any further crimes of someone I have no control over.

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    Default Re: Not Biofather-on Birth Cert-getting court bills for juvenile delinquency

    Boy shouldn't have fraudulently executed an affidavit claiming to be the child's biological father. This is the price boy pays. Boy can file a motion in Circuit Court to set aside the affidavit of parentage based upon nonparentage. Boy can ask at the court for forms (see, e.g., Wayne County's form package), or hire a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Not Biofather-on Birth Cert

    How long did boy play father?

    Did the real boy think of boy as father?

    Did boy cut all ties with little boy?

    When you take on the responsibility of being a father, (biological or not) the courts will often require you to keep that responsibility.

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