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    Default Who Pays Prenatal and Birth Expenses

    Getting ready for hearing soon, for CS, Custody. I am entitled to half of birth and prenatal expenses. What can be included in this? Will the judge want medical only? What about baby items such as car seat, clothing etc. State of IL.

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    Default Re: Prenatal and Birth Expenses

    First are you pregnant and the baby is not born yet. If that is the case, then it will be medical only. Once the child is born and paternity is established you can file for child support. But not until the child is born.

    But if your pregnant and married and now getting divorced. Most likely you will get medical coverage to cover the medical expenses.

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    Default Re: Prenatal and Birth Expenses

    And let's remember it is your OUT OF POCKET expenses. Not anything the State is paying for, nothing your insurance company is paying for, etc.

    You aren't getting a lottery win out of this.

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    Default Re: Prenatal and Birth Expenses

    No welfare case here folks. My child is a year and a half old. As far as hitting the lottery, I HAVE.... hit $3.00 on Powerball.

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