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    Default Effects of an Assault Conviction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    I am currently a college student being charged with a misdemeanor assault/battery for throwing a household appliance (phone) down a flight of stairs and hitting a person in the face unintentionally. The person required stitches and some other hefty medical bills like prescription because of the severity of the injury. After writing an agreement to pay full compensation for lost wages and medical bills I received an arraignment and now the prosecution said that all that will be included in my punishment will be anger management, a fine, and 10 days county jail.

    Now, my questions are...
    1.Even after getting something like this expunged and without having any prior or future offenses, what are the chances of this incident stopping me from being admitted the State bar?


    2. Will this incident, as long as I'm on probation, stop me from receiving federal loans for school?

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    Default Re: Effects of an Assault Conviction

    1. I would expect you to be admitted to a state bar, although you may have to jump through some extra hurdles (e.g., a psych eval, ethics classes, or whatever else they throw your way) first.

    2. Not that I'm aware of. Have you asked your college financial aid office?

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