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    Question Criminal History Report

    My questions involve a background check in the State of Florida. In Sept, 2005 I was arrested for "Damage Prop-Criminal Mischief over 200 but less than 1000" and "Petit theft less 100" for pushing over a now ex-boyfriend's motorcyle and having his helmet in my locked car. I was arrested and spent a night in jail (thank you boyfriend). I got a copy of my criminal history which states:
    Misdemeanor, 1st degree, Disp-date-9/29/2005
    Disp-N/A to both charges
    Misdemeanor, 1st degree, Disp-date 1/6/2006,
    Disp-ADJ witheld, cousel-other, trial-jury,
    Plea-Not Guilty
    Sent Date-1/6/2006,
    Abide by court Restrictions.
    What does this mean? Guity vs Not Guilty? Convicted vs Not convicted? I'm applying for a new job and already know I should say yes to the conviction question as I was arrested. But how would this history be perceived? How should I address this in a job interview if asked? And is this eligible for expungement? I did see one application that said "you do not have to include any expungements." Would it really be worth it to get this expunged if I could?

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    Default Re: Criminal History Report

    What you post suggests that you were placed on probation, with the charges to be dismissed if you successfully completed your probation. What happened after that, I can't tell you.

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