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    Default Can Shareholder of Corp Collect Unemployment

    State: Florida

    I'm one of two shareholders in a Florida corporation. Business is seasonal, and there will be no work and no income for the next five months. Officer employees of corporations in Florida are required to pay unemployment tax on their compensation. However, I cannot find anything on the state's website stating whether an officer employee is entitled to unemployment compensation when the business must temporarily lay them off for lack of work and revenue. Anyone know what the deal is on this? If the wages of officers are subject to the tax it seems that they should be eligible to collect benefits. Yes or no?

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    Default Re: Can Shareholder of Corp Collect Unemployment

    To the best of my knowledge, if you collect a paycheck from your job, you're eligible to apply for unemployment if you're laid off.

    Do make note: you're eligible to APPLY for it. Whether or not you're eligible to receive it is up to the state.

    Can't hurt to fill out the forms. The worst that can happen is that you'll be told No and have to appeal.l

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