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    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California

    I recently got hired for a great job with a great salary. I have been unemployed since last June when I was laid off due to the economy. Everything seemed to be getting better, I got a new job and I was gonna fix my life. Then a couple days later I was denied employment due to an infraction I had 2 years ago Petty theft. I was very confused because my last 2 jobs I've had hired me just fine.
    The HR lady I spoke with told me it was because of that infraction but refuses to put it in writing. I asked for a signed letter from the company informing me exactly why I was denied employment. It all seems a little fishy because she told me I can have it expunged and reapply...but an infraction can't be expunged! So what they're saying is someone with a misdeameanor or felony can get it expunged and work there and I never can??? It just doesn't seem right, why do infractions even turn up on the backround report under misdemeanor? Sure I can understand a search on all criminal records but the report just shows they were looking for misdemeanors and up.
    I feel cheated and sad, I have been suffering for such a long time now, jobless and living on nothing. Then just when it looks like things get better it gets horribly worse. I don't know what to do anymore so if anyone has any advice on what I should do I'd appreciate it. I'm losing faith in the United states legal system and life here in the US.
    It seems like everyone is just looking out for themselves these days.
    Can an employer really deny employment because of an infraction yet hire someone who expunged a felony? That just seems so terrible to me.

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    The EMPLOYER does not grant or deny benefits at all. Only the state does that.

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