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    Default I'm Paying, They're Sending Me to Collections

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Colorado

    I have medical bills that I am chipping away at. The provider says that I have to meet the terms of their payment plan, or they'll still send me to collections. They also say I can't get medical attention until the bill is paid - even though I've now met my 2009 deductible and all bills from this point forward will be paid in full by insurance.

    Basically, I can't afford the payment plan they say I have to agree to. But I am paying what little I can afford every month, so it's not like I'm ignoring the debt.

    I'd love to know my rights in this situation. Thanks!

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    Default Re: I'm Paying, They're Sending Me to Collections

    Your rights are to either abide by their payment plan or be sent to collections.

    Harsh, I know, but true. The provider is not required to accept any payment plan whatsoever - they can demand payment in full immediately, if they choose.

    With respect to denying you medical care, that's common practice when one has bills outstanding. You may need to look into a new provider.

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    Default Re: I'm Paying, They're Sending Me to Collections

    They can pretty much do what they want, but if you are making a reasonable effort to pay the bills, sending it to collections is quite a move on their part. You didn't say how much you are dealing with.

    A couple of years ago, my wife had a couple of medical issues over the course of a few months and we had a stack of bills from various providers. They were all content as long as we sent monthly checks. Only one of several had us sign a payment plan. Signing a payment plan/contract generally strengthens their position as a creditor. Avoid it if you can. On the other hand if they demand it, make sure it is a plan you can meet.

    I had provider tell me I had to pay it up within six months. I explained that they were one of many and that wasn't going to happen. In fact, I told them in that case they could go ahead and send it to collections. I know, not the smartest words ever out of my mouth, but it just came out. But guess what? They didn't and I continue to send them monthly checks.

    Go up the chain. Everyone has the authority to say "no." Few have the authority to say "yes." You need to get to the right person.

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    Default Re: I'm Paying, They're Sending Me to Collections

    It sucks but even if you're paying them $$ a month and they want you to pay X amount of of money instead, they can turn you over to collections. They don't have to accept your payment. If you do get turned over to collections, as soon as you get the initial notice from the collections company, call them and advise them of what has happened, and they (most likely) will set you up on a payment plan of whatever you was paying the hospital/facility, etc.

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    Default Re: I'm Paying, They're Sending Me to Collections

    If it does get to collections and it is reported on your credit, be aware that it will be continue to be reported as a bad account for up to 7.5 years after your last payment.

    In other words paying on a collection account will extend the time for which the negative information will be reported on your credit. Paying the account will satisfy your debt, but hurt your credit longer. Sad, but true. You want to exhaust all efforts to keep it out of collections particularly if you wish to pay your debt.

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