My question involves defamation in the state of: Alaska

I moved from Alaska last year to get away from harrassment, and false accusations. The person committing these acts against me is unaware that I left the state. she is still making claims that I am "stalking, harassing and threatening" her, and although she seems not to have taken any court action against me, per se, she is making claims that I have been stalking her and vandalizing her property as recently as last month and is alleging that I am still committing these act as a "surrogate" of another person she is suing. She has not named me in the current lawsuit and will not sue me personally because I don't have any money.
I now live 5000 miles away and moved here in September 2008. In October 2006 this woman made a 911 call and accused me of several crimes. When the police showed up, they found that I could not be "stalking" her according to the claims she made because it was impossible for me to see her come and go from her residence. (she claimed that everytime I saw her leave her home, I would run out of my home and harass her. The police established that I could not see her home from where I lived, additionally, I gave them copies of affidavits wherein she made false claims of reporting certain "threats" by me via police reports and 911 calls--none of which were ever made.
I could and should have had her arrested then, but instead had the police issue her a "cease and desist" on my behalf.
At some point I may want to return to Alaska, but if this slander is allowed to continue, my reputation in Alaska will be trashed. Can I do anything about it? I now live in NH.