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    Default Innocent, but Web Postings State Otherwise

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Michigan

    Was wrongly accused of downloading porn. Family medical issues and hostile enviornment pushed me to retire while under a paid suspension before a disciplinary hearing from employer. They did not hold hearing and had all along based my pre-designated termination on preponderance of evidence. They found nothing on my computer, but did find porn on a computer I had use of. They did not even examine all the pc's in that area or the server that ran the special mini-network. I had three offices and could not be at the one found to have porn all day or all the time. They had termination memo in my file ready to seve at the hearing...I was never to have gotten a fair hearing. Then they used retirement to add to the preponderance of evidence which isa totally different benefit that I was eligible for. Has nothing to do with case but they stated I left to avoid a sure termination. I was ok with that because I was out of their corrupt enviornment. They could have held the hearing but did not. Then the department I was to be terminated from sent a request to ban me from life for future employment by reason of termination. I responded that I was not terminated and they gace me another few days to defend anyways stating I would have been terminated. What bothers me now, is this is posted on the web and anyone typing my name can read this and it appears I am guilty based on this preponderance of evidence and poorly managed investigation. I remain innocent but this posting on the web will provide any perspective future employer the idea that I am guilty. I find this to be extremely damaging and this was done two months after I had been retired. Is this how our legal system works. I am being punished by this false information forevere. If I had commited a physical crime against someone, even guilty, I would better be protected I feel. Is this not slander, libel or Defamation??

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    Default Re: Innocent, but Web Postings State Otherwise

    What, exactly, is showing up? News stories about the incident?

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