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    This happened in VA,on 5-1-09, but we reside in FL. My husband was in a 4 car accident on the highway- a truck hit a car, the car hit my husband and my husband hit the truck in front of him. The fellow all the way in the back was sited at fault. He has Allstate insurance,. My husband was sore for days- did not see a DR. But is going to have a MRI on 5-23-09 because he isn't getting better. Shoulder pain- neck and ribs hurt-. Allstate came and totaled our truck- cut us a check for 7k, and took the truck. My husband had to find a new truck for work (he travels for work and the truck carries his tools. While looking he lost a job in Nebraska aprox 10k. We have another truck now-17k. Allstate said they would give him $350.00 for his injury, then my husband said he is still sore, so they sent a check for $1300.00. We haven't cashed the check, and now they sent a release form for us to sign, releasing Allstate from future payments ect. We haven't signed it.. We have never been in this situation- what are we really intitled to? We have't involved our own insurance because our home policy is conected to our auto insurance, we are scared Farm Bureau would cancell our home owners insurance because in Fl. it is hard to get and is very expensive. Do we need a lawyer at this point?? any sugjestion on what to do would be great! Thx!

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    Your husband is entitled to reasonable compensation for his injuries. If he isn't comfortable settling his claim at this point due to his not fully comprehending the extent of his injuries, he should consider waiting and consulting with a lawyer.

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    This is very similar to what happened to me. I was the middle car of 3 that got hit by a 4th. This was in Dec 2006 and I'm still dealing with serious physical issues. My advice is DO NOT SETTLE. Allied Insurance came to my house while I was literally out of my head (C1 and C2 dislocated in my neck), and while I was telling the rep that I couldn't think and that my head was killing me, she slid papers by me. She also later renegged on an agreement that I am sure we made.

    So I would definitely advise you to find an attorney, maybe one who works on contingency if you can't afford it. The insurance company doesn't give one hoot about you getting better. They just want to close the case and hope you don't figure out what you're entitled to.

    And, by the way, the worst of my symptoms from my whilplash didn't show up until at least 6 months after the accident. Good luck to you.

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