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    Default 17 Year Old Facing Possible Assault Charges - What Will Happen

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    My 17 yr old son had a fight with his ex girlfriend who he has a baby with. She called him to come over and he did, she is an aggressive girl already on probation for assult with a deadly weapon, she is 15. She started hitting him first with the house phone over his face he tried to leave but she would not let him, she continued to hit him with candles, baby swing, glass cups anything she could get her hands on, she had jumped on his back and the one thing he could think of was bitting her. He had called me to come and get him instead of calling the police, when I arrived she still would not let him leave, well she ended up calling the police complaining he was hitting her I was on my cell phone talking to the police that she would not let him go. By the end of the night there was not enough evidence to arrest she had a bit mark and he had a black eye, cuts , and a knot on his head. the Officer stated he would be charged with assult. It has been 2 weeks now and have not heard anything..she continues to bother him with text messages and pics of her with boys and in an 8 hr time 86 calls she made to him. when i went to the police station to report this they had told him to wait till the dt. calls him.

    What will happen to both of them.

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    Default Re: 17 Year Old Facing Possible Assault Charges - What Will Happen

    The crystal ball can't predict. But it's possible that he could be charged, that she could be charged, that they BOTH could be charged, or that no one could be charged. Since they have a child together, the charge could be elevated from a simple battery to domestic violence/battery. Since there wasn't an arrest at the scene, the officer has forwarded his report and any photos taken to the DA's office, and THEY will be deciding who to charge with what, if anything. If charges are pursued, a warrant for arrest will be issued (for either or both, depending), and the case will flow through the system from there.

    You can try to prepare for some of the "what ifs" by checking for local defense attorneys and at least getting an initial consultation with a few of them (most will give at least an initial consultation for free). If charges DO come down, you'll at least know what to expect and have a few numbers on hand to call.

    In the meantime, if you have to BOLT your son to the floor to keep him away from her, then do it. The LAST thing that needs to happen is for another incident to occur. And get his phone number changed (many cell companies will do this for free if you tell them there is a harassment issue) or take the thing AWAY from him. His pattern of decision making kind of stinks - so it may be time for YOU to take some "tough love" action to save him from his decisions concerning this girl, lest you end up having to drive across town to your local juvenile center to spend quality family time with him.

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