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    Unhappy Co-Op Eviction in NYC

    I recently received a notice of termination from my coop directors based on allegations that I have made disturbing noises to in reality a noisy tenant upstairs. I believe this is in retaliation for making complaints that the shareholder upstairs made disturbing noises all during the day and night. Also the shareholder upstairs turned out to be BODs, they since moved and the new tenant came in, one month later I received a termination letter claiming Obj. C., when I have done absolutely nothing. They have also voted in the new tenant of only one month onto the BOD which gives him this umbrella of protection, also there are new tenants (of a few months) downstairs as well who I have no altercations with who were elected in. The management has been harassing me ever since I can remember and the board seems to be their puppets. I have never caused any disturbances to anyone in the building, nor have I ever threatened anyone or conducted myself in objectionable behavior. This is all a scheme to rid me of my shares by some mastermind in the building. I am extremely helpless in this matter. The board is protecting one of their own and turned a personal matter between two shareholders and labeled me as the one conducting objectionable behavior when if i was to go into details it would be obvious that it was they conducting themselves distastefully.

    Is there any advice I can get to help resolve this matter, I had hired an attorney but they gave him the run around all while I was being billed, and in these rough times I can not afford to continue paying for this.

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    Default Re: Co-Op Eviction in NYC

    Get a different lawyer. We can't even begin to make suggestions without being up to speed on the details of what's happened to date, including steps taken by your former lawyer.

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