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    Default Manufacturing / Maintaining a Drug House - Party to the Crime

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Wisconsin ,,,,

    My cousin rented a room from me and my wife we have a 3 bedroom apptment along with our daughter who is 20 yrs old , He is on probation.
    his probation officer came over and found a small grow operation going on in his room,, he got raided ,,(his room only) and in his room he was growing marijuana, I was the only other person home at the time this happened Now he is saying i knew about it and it was half mine!!!! and I really didn't know a thing about it and others in the house (Wittneses that live there had no idea either) the d.e.a. wants to try to get me and only me now for party of the crime maintaining a drug house , i had no clue of these activites, they haven't yet charged me but he is in so much trouble even before this happened weapons charges ect. I am completely innocent of this. I have not had any problems with the law in 20 yrs. I have had city nurses come over as my daughter has a small child that needs to be seen normal practice where i live WISCONSIN they never knew a thing also. I even called my electric company about two months before this complaining about my bill being all of a sudden higher while he was here, not understanding why.( i do now) which im sure they have on file. I never went into his room thats his to do with whatever he wanted unless there was a fire or something serious that warrented me to go in there otherwise he had control over it.I am the leesie of the apartment. they only have his word,I have many witnesses to explian that i and they didn't know a thing about that grow operation. two d.e.a. agents came back over , they wanted me to addmit to it i told them No because i really didnt know a thing about it. After several failed attempts to get me to addmit it they left and told me i might get a charge, one said don't hold your breathe about it jokingly. are they just grasping at straws here, Should i worry?


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    Default Re: Manufacturing / Maintaining a Drug House - Party to the Crime

    You should worry, and you should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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    Default Re: Manufacturing / Maintaining a Drug House - Party to the Crime

    I did speak to a defence att. he told me they have no evidence i should not worry it's a case of a guy who's in alot of trouble and is looking to get out of some of it with his record as long as it is . His word against so many others whos records are clean would never hold water! if any charges ever would go up on me we would fight it completly and we would win at a 97%. So does that sound about right to anyone ?

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