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    Default Lawyer won't force at-fault party to cooperate

    I was injured in rear-end car accident March 2004 in Oregon (other driver's fault). guy who hit me did not have insurance info on him. When i called him later that day for it, his mother refused to let me talk to him and refused insurance info. Since my own insurance co. (Liberty Mutual) tried to deny me my benefits, I retained a lawyer (recommended by my chiropractor). It took him 1 1/2 years to get insurance info. (he also would not return most phone calls and when he did, gave me a line of #*!!, it seems, to keep me hangin in there).
    He told me the other driver was not obligated to provide insurance info... is that true?
    Statute of limitations is almost up and lawyer's recently been scrambling at last minute to get the things done that he should have been doing all along. He says he cannot give me an itemized list of expenses (probably because he's not done much). He made a "demand" for $ettlement without consulting me, which is much less than appropriate. He's contradicting things he's told (promised) me earlier in case, and seems to be just doing as little as possible and wanting to settle for minimum first offer other insurance (Unitrin) is thinking of offering... easy $ for lawyer, but still leaving me with some medical bills and reduced capacity to work, due to my injury, as before accident.
    I often thought of getting a different lawyer, but was informed I'd then owe 2 of them and the 2cnd might be as negligent as the first one. The way it looks, I may end up OWING $, (if lawsuit has to be filed) rather than getting any/or a decent settlement, but more $ for lawyer.
    WHAT can I do about my lawyer? and about my situation?
    Thanxz much for any ideas!

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    Default Insurance Information

    You can compel another party to disclose insurance information during litigation, and often the police will collect that information at the accident scene. But if you haven't filed a lawsuit you generally cannot compel the other party to disclose any information they choose not to share.

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