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    Default big sister trying to do whats right for baby sister

    I am a married 23yr old with 3 childern. i have a 4 yr old sister. (we share the same dad not mom) Her mom has recently been released from jail to rehab and now on her own. They have a place to live but with no supplies and little food. her mom is back to her old ways and that is no good. Our dad is only in the picture at convinence or if someone is watching.( i think that is about to happen) Her mom & grandma has agreed to give me temp coustdy. Her mom has been missing for a week now. The Grandma has power of attonery and papers that gave her temp coustdy in 2003 when the mom was in jail. The Grandma thinks if her mom does not show up soon she can give me temp coustdy that way. I got to do something what if she needs to go to doctor its scary not having any legal document to confirm anything. my sister is only one of her three kids. what can i do to be sure i have a chance to help my sister have a fair chance in this world???

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    You should consider petitioning the court which granted the prior guardianship order to grant you a guardianship, assuming the child still resides within that court's jurisdiction. The parents can grant you guardianship as well, without going through the courts. Having the aunt try to sign over her powers to you seems potentially problematic - if you do try that, I suggest confirming your ability to do so with a local lawyer.

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