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    Default Does father have rights?

    I was never married to my daughter's father; however, his name is on the birth certificate.

    He has not seen her in almost 4 years and has had no contact with me for over 2. The only contact we had during the last year of contact was via email. He's never gone to court to ask for visitation, nor has he ever paid child support (and I haven't taken him to court to do so).

    My husband wants to adopt her, and he is the only father she knows. He's been in her life ever since she was 2 and a half.

    I'm going to see a lawyer, but any advice here would be great. Would I be able to just publish something in the local newspaper where I think he is? Or, do they have to do a diligent search for him for 60 days?

    P.S. the last known address for him (that i knew) was a prison in SC.

    Thanks -

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    You will have to effect personal service upon him. If he cannot be located, the court will typically issue an order describing what substituted service will be allowed, which may include public posting or publication of the notice, and service on his last known address.

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