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    Default How Long Do The Police Keep Records

    Can some one tell me, how long police keeps the details i.e police report, confession letter, and any other detailed information of the criminal event. or the criminal record will only include date of offence, nature of offence, sentance (dispoision). Is there any guidlines in VA that police discard details of closed cases after certain time. Offcourse the offense and conviction will be there but I am concerning about the details of case. Please answer.

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    Default Re: Details of Criminal Record in Virginia

    The police can keep the record of their investigation as long as they choose.

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    Default Re: How Long Do The Police Keep Records

    There is typically a MINIMUM period established by law under which they are required to save the record in its entirety ... this could be up to 10 years, I suspect. After that, the agency is free to keep the record for as long as they wish.

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