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    Question Restraining Order and Domestic Violence Bench Trial

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Indiana
    I was granted a restraining order againsty my exboyfriend. He destroyed personal property and slapped me-- also followed and harassed me often. The state has picked this up. A bench trial . I come to find out that the bizarre behavior was from drugs and alchol. His life has taken some horrible turns in the past couple years. While this is not an excuse for the behavior it helps me to understand it now. He needs help not jail. Intially he was offered anger management and other classes but i think because of a prior DUI and jail time for not conforming the offer was revoked. Can he still be offered therapy or help from the prosicuter? What kind of punishment does the court hand out usually?
    He also has broken the no contact order and I because of pitty and guilt,love, have responded. I know what that means for him but what will the court do to me if he decides to use this? I'm terrified to go to the trial. Do I have to go? What difference would it make if I revoked the restraining order?

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    Default Re: R.o and D.v Bench Trial

    He can announce his problem and make the court aware of his problem. Which may get him the help he needs for recovery.

    The court may order an evaluation, and then from that evaluation he maybe ordered to successfully complete treatment by his release from jail or probation.

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