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    Default Off Duty Officer Trailing Me

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: arizona
    im not sure if im going to get a ticket yet but if i do i want to cover my bases. today leaving my house i stopped at the stop sign and made a left hand turn. up the street there was an off duty office in a jeep. (i know it was off duty because there is an academy up the street and i've lived there for 23 years) anyway, he speeds up to catch up with me then once i stop at the stop sign and turn right he sits at the stop sign for a good 3 seconds and turns right as well. the speed limit out there is 45mph i was doing 46 and he was gaining on me. he then proceded to trail me and stay within 20 ft. after a few more turns and him speeding in a school zone to catch up with me we stopped at a stop light and he kept looking at the back of my car and writing something down then pull up within 2 feet of the rear of my car. once we both turned left i got into a turn lane and so did he then pulled back out into traffic (by the way through all turns never using a turn signal) and took off. i have an suv that likes going faster down hill (as most cars do) do you think i am going to get a ticket?

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    Default Re: Off Duty Officer Trailing Me

    If you're disobeying traffic laws right in front of the nose of an off-duty officer, then you're putting yourself at risk of getting tickets. There's a back story here, I assume; knowing it would be helpful.

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