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    Unhappy Truth Slander

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Texas

    A former "high up" co-worker of mine has gained access to my email and has read through a folder marked personal and decided to share it with everyone in my former office. i am still "friends" with a current employee who tells me this woman has in fact told everyone in the office things she has read. Do i have ANY rights? Everything about slander says the statements are false but these are truths. Who is in the wrong here, the company or the person?

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    Default Re: Truth Slander

    If it's true, it's not slander.

    The one who did wrong is the former co-worker but unless you can quantify some direct damages you have suffered because of what she did, you don't have much, if any, legal recourse.

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    Not to mention, that as a "higher up" in a company, she may have the company's blessing to access your files/emails - especially if the email account and computer you were using belong to your employer. You'll have a hard time claiming any reasonable expectation of privacy (just because you label a file on your employer's system as "personal" doesn't make it LEGALLY personal - if your company has a privacy policy, be sure to read the fine print). If you want files or emails to remain private, use only YOUR email account through YOUR own computer.

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