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    Default Who Pays Expenses when Required to Settle Assets

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Pennsylvania

    I am the sole beneficiary of a friend's estate. The only asset in that estate is a house that is being sold.

    Who is responsible to manage and pay the expenses associated with the sale of the house? (e.g., utility expenses, property taxes) The executor or me?

    My concern is that the executor is a lawyer who doesn't have funds to use as the estate only consists of a house that is as yet unsold. He says it is my responsibility to pay these expenses since I am the inheritor. Is there a law that clarifies this point?

    In addition, I am concerned that I will be paying a significant inheritance tax shortly (9 months post death) on the estimated value of this unsold property. I don't have the money to pay that either: am I obligated to take out a loan to make that payment?

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    Default Re: Who Pays Expenses when Required to Settle Assets

    Normally the estate pays the ongoing expenses, such as utilities and mortgage payments, pending distribution of the bequests. Often there is language in the will directing how taxes and expenses are to be paid. What, if anything, does the will say about taxes?

    What's the issue here - are you trying to have the house sold as part of the estate, so you can take a cash bequest instead of taking ownership of the house? Is that what the executor is insisting upon, to pay the estate's other debts (and his fees)?

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