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    Unhappy Getting Off the Sex Offender Registry

    i have a friend who was charged with sexual assult of a child. he was 19 and his victim was 15. they had been dating for 6-9 months and the parents knew about it. well he got caught having sex and the girldfriend denied the whole thing and she said he did not have permission to have sex that night. now he is registred for life. He is moved on with his life and is married and has 2 wonderful children. he cant keep a stedy job cause his probation is always getting in the way and causing problems, he has applied to a large company and now after the interview he has a bad feeling that he wont get on with them cause he is lift time registred. is there a chance he can get off?

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    Default Re: Getting Off the Sex Offender Registry

    That will depend upon his conviction offense and the laws of the state where he was convicted.

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    Default Re: Getting Off the Sex Offender Registry

    He may be able to have an attorney file for expunction dependent upon the state and court system. Given the heightened sensitivity to child molestation laws it's not likely; given the issues with children being charged for Felonies for "sexting" there is likely not going to be a loosening of the laws to benefit you.

    RSO laws are extremely strict and there is a good chance that he will never be able to get away from this childhood crime.
    Your friend made a mistake, broke the law, and will have it follow it around for the rest of his life.
    ...there is the phrase "15 will get ya 20" for a reason.

    We had a guy that we went to high school with in the County that got busted for statutory. He was 17 and she was 15! In this particular case the mother found out and had him prosecuted. They married when she turned 18 and let's say that visits to grandmas are interesting as he was on RSO status for 10 years and still has a juvenile Felony on his record.

    I had a friend that had this happen and it almost cost him his life, too; he was 18 and she was 15 and the dated for several months. He, fortunately, won in the hearing, wasn't prosecuted, graduated high school, and went into the Navy after a short stint in college.

    Fortunately it came out to the DHHS officers that they did not have sex until she was 16 (the girl's testimony) and she stuck by that story even though the rather rotund(yeah, irrelevant) DHHS woman tried to convince her that she meant 14 (not 15 since 14 was a higher class of Felony). My friend didn't even start dating the girl until she was well into 15. In that particular state 16 was the age of consent and Romeo laws required 16 and within 4 years.

    He also had a good attorney who attacked the DHHS lady in the hearing because the girl's mother recorded the whole interview without the DHHS lady knowing it. The mother liked my friend because he had a good job and they were poor.

    No, it's not right that she allowed her daughter to be, allegedly, raped as a 15 year old and I warned my friend to wait until she was 16. Again, that was legal in this particular state since the daughter knew about it. Was he breaking the law when she was 15? Most likely? Did I see it? No. Who reported it? We found, in the hearing, it was a neighbor in their projects that did not care for the music and told DHHS that they thought they were using music to cover up "acts". My friend and I graduated high school a few months later and moved on to girls his own age and I continued dating college girls (I was 17 and went to high school and college).

    ...and I got to tell him "I told you so!" far too many times. His dating her took away our ability to hang out together and we both knew it was illegal because of the schoolmate who was arrested for being with his 15 year old girlfriend.

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