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    Default Paid for Product, Never Got Product, Company Refuses Refund

    I am in California, Merchant is in Georgia

    I purchased a car part for my car on Mon. March 23. I was told the part would arrive on Friday March 27 and I faxed a form with my address and credit card authorization. Friday came and went and I had not received the part. I called on Monday the 30th and could not get through, I finally got through on Weds. April 1st and the owner of the company said he sent it to the wrong address and he needed my correct address and an extra $40 to get it to me by Friday April 3rd. I agreed and authorized the extra $40 shipping to get the part because I had been renting a car while waiting for the part. Friday came and went and I called once again and the owner gives me a tracking number, once again he sent it to the wrong address and I informed his of that and he did not contact UPS to fix the address. The package was sent back to him and he agreed to refund my money. He said I would get my money in my account within a week, it has now been over a month and I still do not have my money.

    I have also noticed through searching online that there are many other customers with the same story of him sending it to the wrong address and they never get their parts or their money back.

    What is the next step? I have already spoken with my bank and filed a fraud charge (debit card).

    Is there any way this guy is gonna go to jail without me having to hire an attorney?

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    Default Re: Paid for Product, Never Got Product, Company Refuses Refund

    Try reporting it to the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs.

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