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    Question Violation of a Peace Bond

    I am in Louisiana
    My ex-husband hot my mother. She pressed charges and got a peace bond so that he'd stay away from her for a year. It was in Municipal Court (City Criminal Court). He went into the family court (where our divorce and custody is being heard) and said that since she comes with me to our kid's events sometimes, he needs a restraining order against her not to show up at the events. Is that a violation of the peace bond and an attempt to modify it in another court? What should I do?
    I feel a peace bond is a punishement which he got for hitting her. Filing for TRO in another court is his attempt to go around the punishment and an attempt to modify a court order issued by one court in another court.
    Thank you

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    Your mother should make note in the hearing for the TRO that he already has a peace bond on him, and explain the circumstances.

    He'll be expected to show good cause as to why the TRO should be granted. "I'm mad that I got punished for hitting her" is not considered good cause.

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    Default Re: Violation of a Peace Bond

    To give you an update. My mother was never served with his Motion for TRO. She does not live in the parish our divorce is in. She is not a party to the divorce case. She was not in court on the date of the hearing about TRO. The Judge went ahead and gave the permanent injunction. Now she is not allowed to go to any of her grandchildren events. What course of action should she take?

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