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    Default Arrested by Military Police

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Utah

    A while ago, I worked on an Air Force base, as a civillian. I quit my job at the base and found one in the city. About a year later a friend invited me up the base for an event. While on the base, I was approached by two Air Force Police Officers. They identfied myself, asked me for my ID, and asked if I wanted to step around back. I was told that I was being arrested and they would explain it to me when I got to the station. I actually thought it was a joke at first, then they cuffed me, first time ever being in trouble! I lost it, I was crying like a baby. I was put in the cruiser and taken to the station. I was put in an "interview room" and told to wait for a few minutes. The two officers that arrested me were really nice, they could tell I was honestly upset. About 20 minutes later I saw the Loss Prevention person from the place I worked at on base walk by the door and into the next office. About 5 minutes after, the sergeant came in and asked me if I knew what was going on, I told him, "I have no clue". He said that there was some question about some a work order I had done for some tires, and that the Tire and Lube place I worked at and the LP said I had not paid for the services. Which was news to me, the only work I had done on my car was for an oil change. Anyways, he had a paper in front of me that had my rights on it, it had several boxes on it for me to check. I believe one said something like I agree with the charges. Oh, they said I was being charged with Theft of Services. The second box said, I do not wish to comment and the third box said, "I wish to speak to an attorney". I had never been in trouble before, and I didn't know what the heck to put, but my gut instinct said "check the box for the attorney". I checked that box. The sergeant said, "OK, I'll be right back." A few minutes later I could hear the officers talking in the next room. One said, "Well, that's what I'd put if I was innocent, the kid has no idea why he's here, he's obviously upset, and I would be too if I was being handcuffed and had no clue as to why..." I heard the sergeant say, "Yeah, I know what you mean". He then came in the room again and handed me a slip of paper that said, "prisoner release form" or something along those lines, I signed it and left. I never heard of anything from that incident since then and its been 4 years. It still irks me to this day that I was arrested. First and only time that's happened. Anyone have ANY clue to what may have happened?

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    Default Re: Old Incident, but Just Thinking

    It sounds to me like you weren't charged with anything, and released.

    Does this arrest show up on your background checks?

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    Default Re: Arrested by Military Police

    Sounds fishy. If they knew you had allegedly committed a crime on base, they would have been looking for you before that, not a year later, and I am sure they would have been able to find you.

    They may have been playing mind games also.

    Four years have gone by, so forget it.

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