My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Wisconsin.

I live in Georgia. I received papers recently that judgement was passed gainst us in wisconsin.

I had a wedding in Wisconsin and the best man was a college mate of ours. He agreed to be the best man and within days he said that he did not have any money to pay for his suit. I agreed to pay and since I did not a last minute replacement. When I went to pay for the suit they said that the suit was already paid for.

anyway judgement passed we did not know that he was suing us. We received nothing before judgement papers. Only a document a couple weeks ago saying that judgemnt was passed in favor of defendant.
now we receive a letter saying that judgement passed against us.

Can you sue someone for money without the person ever being served papers? by the way, did I mention that we live in Georgia....even before he filed suit?

The wedding took place in wisconsin and he lives in wisconsin.