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    Default Missing Registration in Probation Period

    my boyfriend got drunk and blacked out so that he doesn\'t remember, but he tried to go into someone else\'s house because it was across the street from where he lived and he thought it was his house. There were young girls having a party there and they were scared so they called the police, and he was tried and found guilty of \"attempted sex abuse\" and put on five years probation. So he lived in Portland for those five years after that he returned to panama then he went back to states to work he went to ask for her ID and they told him Now they informed him that he should have re-registered in 2006, when he was still on probation. I don\'t know all the details, but I think his probation (or maybe it\'s parole) officer told him it was okay to go to Panama, but they it turned out the authorities say it wasn\'t okay. He has a court date on June 10th.

    I need to know it there is any posibility that he go jail or get not allowed to leave the the U.S. again i really need know where we are standing and if will be able to leave the the states and what the posibilities are

    thanks l law for the state of:

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    Default Re: Missing Registration in Probation Period

    Wait, back up.

    "Re-register" for what?

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