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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas
    I was at a party on friday a week ago outside of campus and my friend drove me to his friend's apartment where all of us were suppose to sleep. I do not remember most of the night because I had drank so much. Next I remember I was at the police station and was being fingerprinted handed a ticket and sent on my way to walk down the highway. The next business day I went to go see how much my ticket was at the local court. It came out to be 215 plus community service which isn't bad. My question is that I had received a PI about 5 months before. I am 20, is it possible to get them both expunged? Both ticket had the option of deferred adjudication. Thank you for reading and help.

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    What was the outcome of your first ticket? If it was deferred, did you live of to the sentence imposed by the courts? If you need to say clean and sober for 6 months or so, it's obvious that you didn't. Therefore, your deferrment would be denied and you will reappear for sentencing on the original charge, and this one, and possibly have 2 misdemeanor convictions on your record which would disqualify you.

    Read aaron's post here and honestly, get help with the drinking issue. You're headed down the wrong road at such a young age, and it's only going to get worse.

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    Does it matter in which county I received the ticket in? and what does it mean when you say my deferrment is denied? I think I fulfilled all the requirements of the first ticket, 8 hours of community service, AA class, and a 475 fine then I was on 90 day probation, does that probation only apply to that county?

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    Normal a deffered sentence requires a person to stay out of trouble for 6 months or a year,for the charge to be sealed or expunged.

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