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    Default Can Your Employer Force You to Volunteer

    I work for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana. They have a committee or a group on everything. I guess the lack of volunteer participation has forced our Managers to require certain employees participate.

    I am an Engineer, with an extremely heavy workload, and have been told I have to participate on a company diversity team including organizing events and updating diversity bulletin boards in the facility with new content. All this without any reduction in current workload. It's the pet project of some up and coming Manager.

    Can the company force me to fill positions that volunteers would not? Is my only recourse to find other employment because I really can not take them seriously anymore. I am very unhappy with this.

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    Default Re: Company Forcing Me to Volunteer

    unless you have a contract specifying your duties, your duties are whatever your employer tells you they are. As long as you are getting paid properly, they are not doing anything illegal.

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