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    Default DUI in Chicago

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois Cook County

    Hi , about 7-8 yrs ago I got a DUI in Chicago. I gave the police my brothers name . I myself was convicted of 3 DUIS before this one and was sent to prison. Since all of this stuff I have cleaned my act up , I am married and have a house and 2 kids now. My question is my brother has never went to court or recieved anything from the court system that I am aware of, Is there a statue of limitations or something like it? My Brother has been pulled over for speeding etc etc but has never been arrested for the DUI I got in his name. ANy chance the county (Chicago) just forgot about it ?? Dismissed it ?

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    Default Re: DUI in Chicago

    It seems unlikely, but we have no access to police or court records.

    The statute of limitations doesn't affect charges that have already been filed; if you (or your brother, due to your misrepresentation) was charged, the statute stopped running at that time.

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