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    Default Is Signing Guardianship Papers Giving Away Your Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Maine I am a mother of three children. Two of them I get to see all the time. The third and oldest child my ex and i signed gurdianship over to my ex's father (who is not blood related.) under the stipulation that we could see the child any time we wanted to. I have been asking to take my oldest son all the time for two years straight and have only had him at my residence Twice in two years. Now my ex's father wants to adopt our oldest son. I am not willing to sign the papers so they are going to court to try and make the judge make me sign the papers to sign my kid away. Can they do that? can a judge make me sign adoption papers though i don't want to? All i want to do is see my oldest son at my residence and they will not allow me too. My ex is willing to sign adoption papers that is why they aren't fighting with him.

    plz email me with any answers, information at

    sincerely suzanne fillmore

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    Default Re: Is Signing Guardianship Papers Giving Away Your Rights

    They can attempt to terminate your parental rights if they state and prove a legally valid case to do so. That will be outlined in the court documents that were served upon you.

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