My question involves a child custody case from the State of: North Carolina
What do you do if you have a 14 year old who does not want to follow the court ordered summer visitation. Dad has even offered to cut the 3 weeks ordered down to 1 weekish. The only reason the daughter doesn't want to come is she doesn't want to leave her friends (there is a 7 hour difference). During her visit the daughter has the same access to cell phone and internet as she has at home. The only visitation dad really gets is summer and holidays (there is a monthly order also but daughter is always too busy for that). The mother is no help in the issue as she has told the daughter REPEATEDLY she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to. The mother even went as far as to tell dad they would just not be home when he went to pick her up. Should dad push the issue of visitation and does the child LEGALLY have the right to refuse?

In answer to any questions.... Yes I am the step mother. I am just wondering as this is a question both my husband and I have discussed. I am not involved in the issue with the step daughter. I am asking for my knowledge and on my husband's behalf. The issue is between dad and daughter.