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    Default Neighbors Keep Calling the Police

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: TEXAS

    We are a married couple in our 30's with a 5 year old son, 1 dog and a kitten.
    I hate apartment complex, I don't like neighbor all up in our business, telling us how to live our lives and butting in. Over a year ago, we rented a 2 bedroom single-family home. It's has a small fenced back yard, perfect for a bar-b-q on the weekends.
    I have several neighbors, who I never see, only the ones next to us.
    Our next door neighbors are old retired and I'm pretty sure one is sick.
    We are self employed and have a few employees working for us. Pay day is on Fridays, we pay our employees at our house around 5:30 p.m. We are usually outside for about 2 hours 3 the most. While my husband is paying up,my son plays soccer, we have a couple of cold beers and listen to music. My neighbors like to sit outside on a Friday only to complain on us. They constantly call the police, twice a day before 6 p.m. It feels like they do on purpose because they just don't like us. I don't feel like we are rowdy or our music is too loud. We are not out there until 1 a.m, and throw parties all night long! During the week you could barely hear a peep out of us!
    I confronted our neighbor and asked him if he had a problem with us and his responds was "GET OUT OF MY PROPERTY" (I was standing outside the fence) I'M GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE UNTIL YOU MOVE OUT" he also said "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHT HERE, YOU ARE ONLY A RENTER"
    I want to know if he's correct.
    This make me mad, They need to stop harassing my family and mind their own business. If I feel like drinking a beer after work in the afternoon with my husband, I feel like I have the right too.
    I love bar-b q's I the summer time, and playing with my son outside, why do I have to walk on egg shell with these old complaining people with no life.

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    Default Re: Neighbors Keep Calling the Police

    what have the police told you when they come? Have you actually been issued a citation for anything?

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    Default Re: Neighbors Keep Calling the Police

    I want to know if he's correct.
    You have every right to enjoy your yard in such fashion as not to disturb the neighbors at unreasonable hours.

    He is not correct.

    Smile and wave cheerfully every time he yells at you. Eventually, he'll get bored of not getting a rise out of you (or action from the police - what does the fact that they haven't come over and cited you for excessive noise say to you?), and he'll give up.

    Every neighborhood has its bunghole. Your neighborhood's example of the species just happens to live next door, is all. (Mine lives across the street. She's constantly complaining about the color of my house, the number of flowers in my yard, and the fact that most of my visitors have out of state license plates. She calls the dog warden because my dog looks out the window, too. We've all got 'em.)

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    Default Re: Neighbors Keep Calling the Police

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    what have the police told you when they come? Have you actually been issued a citation for anything?
    The police has not issue a citation. They kinda hate it when they are called to come to our house. Once, the police man said "they are crying again"
    They (the police) always seem to be nice to us.
    It's only on a Friday, so we stopped being outside for about 3 months, hoping that would make my neighbors happy.

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