My question involves real estate located in the State of: Ohio

I am looking at purchasing a property that has been foreclosed and is going to be sold at a sheriff's sale. There are back taxes owed on this property.

1. If I win the auction, am I responsible for paying the back taxes, or does the seller pay them?

2. If I am responsible for paying them, how long do I have to pay? The sale must be completed 30 days after the auction.

3. The terms of the sale are 10% down on the day of sale, and the balance in 30 days. I havent talked with my bank yet, but is it a generally accepted practice that they will preapprove me for the loan, and give me money to put the 10%, or do I have to use my own money for that? Also, if the house appraises for 300k, and I buy it for 200k, it is generally accepted that I can get a mortgage for 220k and essentially have the back taxes rolled into the mortgage?

I understand that some of these questions are probably easily answered by the banker, but I am just curious and would like to know before I go in this week to talk to them.