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    Default Irresponsible Teen Mother

    My girlfriend has a seventeen-year-old daughter who is seeing a young man with legal problems. The girl is seven months pregnant. She has quit school. We have repeatedly caught her stealing from her mother's house (I don't live there).

    My girlfriend has warned her daughter that she will not be able to bring the new baby home. My girlfriend feels that the girl is incapable of raising or providing for a new baby. The girl insists that she can force the mother to shelter and house her (and the new baby) until next June when she turns 18.

    Does the mother have any legal recourse? The daughter refuses to attend any counseling. Very soon she will be homeless with a child, because she is alienating her family, and because she not mature enough to take control of her life.

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    Default Thinking of the Grandchild

    If somebody in the family is willing to take responsibility for the child, you may wish to discuss with a lawyer the possibility of having that person seek a guardianship. If not, it may be necessary to involve child protective services, to try to ensure that the mother and baby have an appropriate home environment after the mother is discharged from the hospital. There are risks in involving protective servcies, particularly if they decide that the mother is not a suitable custodian, so you would benefit from consulting an attorney before choosing that approach.

    You may be able to find a lawyer either by contacting your local legal aid office and asking for referrals, or through the State or County Bar Association's referral service.

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