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    Default Military Arrest Records

    When someone is arrest while in the military, does the arrest go on their criminal record?

    I am applying for a CCW permit in Louisiana and was arrested, by a MP, when I was in the USMC over 8 years ago. I received non-judicial punishment for my actions.

    When Louisiana State Trooper's perform the background check, will the arrest show up?

    Also, are military arrest with no convictions reported to the FBI?


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    Default Re: Military Arrest Records

    That's a big maybe. We don't know what record, if any, was made of your arrest. You can use the Freedom of Information Act to get a copy of your FBI file from the FBI.

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    Default Re: Military Arrest Records

    A lot has to do with what the charge was for. Being you received NJP for your actions. Most likely it will not show up in a background check. Reason being NJP is administrative and ends up with a page 13 in your SRB. Which does not get put into public information.

    If you went to Court Martial then it is more likely to be found during a back ground check.

    Being you did not state what part of the UCMJ you violated we can't say for sure if it would show up.

    Also being you were NJP, you most likely were detained by the MP's and turned over to the OOD or Staff NCO on duty at the time. Which is not an arrest it is detainment then turned over to your command.

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