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    Default Garnishment of bank accounts in Georgia

    My son has found out tonight by looking online that his bank account has a garnishment on it...he was not notified by anyone and does not have a clue what it is for ... can he close the account now that there is a garnishment? His payroll check will auto deposited on Friday night and he cannot pay his rent or other living expenses if this check is somehow lost...he lives paycheck to paycheck...he only had 89.00 in the bank and was checking his account to make certain it balanced tonight when the negative 1700.00 balance appeared. At first he thought it was some crazy mistake since you can't take 1700 from 89.00...but when he called the 24 hour number they told him their was a garnishment from an institution for this amount on his account and they could not tell him anything more...please help me if you can...he has a good job, but not a lot of money...nothing showed on his credit report when he opened this account with the exception of an old bill for 300.00 which he paid in order to open his account...what can he do at this point in time? Thanks so much for your advice...[/b]

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    I am not familiar with a process by which a bank can garnish an account and then refuse to explain their legal basis for doing so. Obviously, if paychecks are being direct deposited into that account, it would make sense to open a new account elsewhere and have paychecks sent to the new account instead.

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    He found out what happened...garnishment was filed through his work...talked to the attorney and the only way to keep them from getting all of his money was to pay it in full before his paycheck was deposited..fortunately he was able to put in on a credit card and his account was returned to the way it was BEFORE they posted the garnishment...otherwise any outstanding ATM's or checks would have bounced and he would not have had money to pay rent, bills was from 2003...a debt that he assumed was written off since he had not received anything from them in over a year...he got the garnishment notice the same day he his check would have gone into the account...I am sure that was not a was something he should have taken care of then and now hopefully he will believe us if we ever tell him that bills and obligations do not go take care of it think....nah...he won't believe it still..he's

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